Yoga Mat Sanitiser | Why It's Important

September 26 2020 – Jessica Szalc

Yoga Mat Sanitiser Spray
Yoga Mat Sanitiser Spray

Concerned about the level of bacteria living inside your yoga mat? Well, you're not alone, 99.8% of people we surveyed agree. 

Why is it important to sanitise your Yoga mat?

Some bacteria can live on surfaces for weeks even months at a time, posing a threat to our health and wellbeing. 

Whether you practice on the daily or simply use your yoga mat to stretch at home, sanitising your workout surface is important to minimise your risk of contracting fungal, viral and bacterial infections. 

Yoga mat/floor exercise often requires barefoot practice, leaving studio floors with traces of sweat, bacteria and fungi, transferred by people's feet. This can lead to the spread of Athletes Foot (tinea), HPV, Candida and more. When we step on and off our mats during practice we are moving microscopic bacteria from the floor onto our mats which will come into contact with our faces, hands and bodies.

Living a well balanced, healthy lifestyle requires physical activity and movement. When we move we sweat, breaking down and excreting toxins through tiny pours on the surface of the skin. Sharing workout spaces such as gyms, local pools and studios is a great way to stay motivated and achieve fitness goals, but it also exposes members to a greater range of fungi, germs and bacteria.  

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all learnt a lot about how germs are spread. Taking the time to sanitise gym equipment and your yoga mat before and after practice will promote a healthier workout space.

It's not all BAD....

The truth is, we are surrounded by an invisible world of good and bad bacteria, microorganisms and viruses, spreading and multiplying at different rates. They live on surfaces, in the bodies of humans, animals and in the air. Over recent years, many new studies have shown a large number of bacteria to be a vital contributor in enhancing our bodies gut balance and over all good health.

With the help of Symbio Labs, Ritual Sanitiser have developed a yoga mat spray and sanitiser, designed to kill 99.9% of germs. It is 100% natural and lab tested. It can be used on all hard and soft surfaces including gym equipment, TRX machines, reformer pilates beds, yoga mats and more. 

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